Promoted by APDES in partnership with FEC – Fundação Fé e Cooperação – and with the support of INSA –
    POPULATION MWENHO – a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit association of Women Living with HIV and AIDS   CONTEXT In recent
Promoted by APDES in partnership with the Angolan Government – more specifically, the National Institute on HIV Prevention (INLS)  –
The name Lossambo Ondjo Yeto means “Lossambo, our home” in Umbundu, a banta language – one of the most spoken languages
  Make a Donation   “LET’S GO TO SCHOOL TOGETHER” Eunice’s reply when we asked her why she and her
APDES was invited by UniPiaget (Angola) to develop a communitarian intervention plan in the Capalanca neighbourhood (municipality of Viana, Luanda)
This project, promoted by APDES and SINPROF, aims to raise the students’ awareness of Human Rights. The promotion of citizenship,
The PARECO consultancy activities comprehend technical support and innovation in Harm Reduction associated with HIV, Tuberculosis and other diseases, in
The Sikola project aims to improve the quality of Education in Angola – namely, primary education – through the dialogue,