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Help APDES work for the protection of human rights, social inclusion and access to health for people in vulnerable situations.

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We serve

People using drugs, sex workers, incarcerated people, homeless people, people living with HIV/AIDS, unemployed people, children and young people in residential care and in autonomy of life.

With your donation, we can guarantee:

  • Psychosocial support, treatment and disease screening
  • Working to eradicate tuberculosis in Portugal
  • The social reintegration of people by valuing employment, rebuilding family ties and developing personal and social skills.
  • Creating innovative responses to the populations we support.


Who We Are

APDES is a Portuguese NGO that has been working for 17 years to believe in people and defend their rights.

Our intervention takes place in projects in the area of harm reduction and human rights, health education, social cohesion and employment, and cooperation and development. In 2020, we support more than 9,000 people in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and as partners with other organizations in European projects.

Our intervention is based on a close contact with our populations, with projects aimed at their realities, in joint initiatives to defend rights, and an ethical and careful investigation of the phenomena. We are recognized by the World Health Organization and other international organizations for the excellence of our intervention.

Our services are permanent, but the mechanisms of public financing are not sufficient to maintain its operation, often leaving out essential costs for its maintenance (rentals, equipment, water bills, electricity and internet) or the cost of the human resources necessary to ensure all the technical work.


We need your support. Like APDES, believe in people.

With your help, we will be able to implement a positive change to the life of thousands of people.