Make a Donation

We believe in universal access to health, education and employment, and so we created APDES in 2004. We have developed dozens of projects that have impacted, to date, more than 42,000 people.

Only with your participation can we make this change in the lives of more people. Thank you!

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With your help we were able to…

…help hundreds of children getting access to basic instruction in Angola, at a neighborhood where 11.000 children do not have school yet;

…conduct rigorous research to improve our intervention methodologies, valuing social impact and innovation;

…helping hundreds of people who, in Portugal, need health and vaccination screening, given the vulnerable situation in which they live;

… train and collaborate with host institutions to prevent child abuse and promote positive parenting;

… advocate and work with international partners in promotion of human rights.


Donations have tax benefits

Because APDES has been recognized with a Public Utility Statute, its donations have tax benefits in Portugal.

Individuals can deduct 25% of the amount donated to IRS, up to the limit of 15% of the yearly collection to which they relate. (Article 63, Statute of Tax Benefits).

Companies can deduct the amount donated in IRC, and this amount benefits from an increase of 130% to 140% according to the nature of the project or initiative supported. (Article 62, Tax Benefits Statute).

With your help, we will be able to implement positive change to the life of thousands of people. Thank You!