APDES on portuguese TV

APDES on portuguese TV

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On saturday , a Special Report on SIC (a portuguese television channel) pictured what still needs to be done to protect the people who use drugs in Porto.

Alina Santos from APDES, representing the Consortium of Harm Reduction NGOs of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, stated that “it is incomprehensible that the answer (protected consumption room) does not exist, nineteen years after the law.”

The entire show can be seen here: Reportagem SIC – Inferno a Céu Aberto

It is important to underline that the consortium’s first proposal was submitted to the Porto City Council in 2018. APDES regrets that the negotiations have been stalled for more than six months, stressing the importance of continuing to work towards the opening of a drug consumption room in Porto.

We would like to thank journalist Catarina Lázaro and SIC for the opportunity to talk about the importance of opening a protected consumption room in Porto.