APDES participates in the new network of Social Incubators of Employment

APDES participates in the new network of Social Incubators of Employment

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The pandemic crisis has impacted the economic and social situation and, more than ever, it is urgent to create employment policy measures that ensure adequate responses to rising unemployment. In this context, the Economic and Social Stabilization Programme approved by Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 41/2020 of June 6th, frames the “ATIVAR.PT – Reinforced Programme of Support Employment and Vocational Training “, granted through Resolution No. 205/2021 of October 12th. It provides for the creation of a network of Social Employment Incubators that aims to intervene with people in unemployment, supporting them in the active search for employment and, thus, promoting their (re)insertion in the labour market.

It is a pilot project, based on the methodology of the “Lanzaderas de Empleo” created in Spain by the Santa Maria La Real Foundation, which starts in Portugal with a limited number of entities filed with the IEFP, I.P.,  among which, APDES that will operationalize the Incubator underlying the territory of Vila Nova de Gaia, one of the municipalities with the highest unemployment rate in the country. The activities developed in the Incubator are based on the methodology and working instruments provided by the IEFP, I.P. and its implementation will be in charge of a mentor responsible for guiding and accompanying the participants. This is a service based on a close relationship between the technicians of the employment service and the mentors of each Incubator, thus ensuring the coherence of technical interventions.

After the appropriate evaluation of this pilot initiative, which will seek to test the transferability of the methodology, it is expected, not only, to keep the Social Incubators instituted, but also to disseminate them throughout the mainland territory of Portugal, always keeping in mind the necessary adaptations that may be necessary considering the national reality.

The Social Incubator promoted by APDES, which will take place in our facilities, has planned the start of the first team of trainees during the next month of March.