“¿Clandestines o con Derechos?” event on sex work in Spain

“¿Clandestines o con Derechos?” event on sex work in Spain

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In January, the event “¿Clandestines o con Derechos?”, was held in the context of sex work in Spain, with a special focus on legislative reform that aims to abolish the activity. The debate was moderated by APDES and PortoG and had as participants people representatives of national and international organizations working for the rights of sex workers. The conversation was attended by the ESWA – European Sex Workers’ Rights Alliance, the Colectivo de Prostitutas de Sevilla and the Movimento dos Trabalhadorxs do Sexo from Portugal.

This event occurred due to the new Spanish bill that seeks to abolish sexual work, in article 187, by not recognizing the consent of sex workers when carrying out their activities. It is an amendment that, when approved, will have repercussions on various spheres of life of this population, resulting in an increase in the stigma surrounding the industry. It has been a publicly discussed topic, with human rights, women’s rights, work and livelihoods being at stake.

During the debate, where there was the possibility of intervention of all people, several ideas were discussed, among which we highlight: the presentation of a new bill in Spain and the negative consequences for sex workers, the rights of sex workers, the decriminalization and regulation of sex work and the consequences of non-recognition of the profession, some of these issues addressed in the first person. It also mentioned the potential impact of this possible Spanish law in our country and in Europe, and the Portuguese activists expressed their solidarity and support in this struggle.

The discussion, which took place via Zoom, was recorded with the consent of those present and the video will soon be made available.