Meeting with Sabrina Sanchez (ICRSE)

Meeting with Sabrina Sanchez (ICRSE)

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As part of the TransR project, on September 17th, from 2 pm to 6 pm, we organized a closed meeting with Sabrina Sanchez, in the Sala Multiusos da Junta de Freguesia do Bonfim.

Sabrina Sanchez is a European reference in the area of ​​the defense of sex workers’ rights. Trans woman, sex worker and migrant, part of the ICRSE Steering Commitee (International Committee of Sex Workers in Europe), led for many years the Aprosex (Asociación de Profesionales del Sexo) in Barcelona, ​​is one of the founders of the Otras Union in Spain and had an important voice in shaping Transgender Europe’s position in favor of decriminalizing sex work. At the occasion, Sabrina spoke of the articulation of TS activism with LGBTQ + organizations in shaping policies for Europe and addressed the issues and best practices of intervention with trans sex workers. There was also room for debate and proposition of themes by the invited organizations.

Sabrina stressed that together we need to take some steps forward, build alliances with human rights organizations like APDES to defend and give voice to trans sex workers.

The meeting was exclusively for LGBTQ + organizations, area researchers. and organizations that carry out interventions with sex workers.

Here are some moments of Sabrina’s intervention on September 17.