Our work with people who do sex work

Our work with people who do sex work

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It is stigma, prejudice and ignorance about the reality of workers and sex workers that makes them feel insecure. Sex work is a precarious job, like many others, but most people who exercise it say that it is with discrimination that suffers the most. This takes them away from primary health care and from living with other people, leading them to isolation. 

See here our infographic on 5 facts about sex work you need to know.

Around the world, sex workers’ movements fight for labor rights, social protection and the recognition that sex work is work. APDES has been supporting this fight for 12 years through its project, PortoG. 

PortoG,  a project aimed at serving the population of sex workers, has been working for 12 years in the Greater Porto region and serving more than 500 sex workers per year

  • Go where these people are and distribute condoms, lubricants and makes the bridge with primary heralth care. On average, PortoG distributes about 123,000 preventive materials per year. 
  • Screen STIs and refer to health care when needed.
  • Maintains social networks with information in the area of  harm reduction for this population (link Porto/ PortoG logo).

It also supports the fight for the decriminalization of sexual work with advocacy actions.

  • It publishes various materials on the subject and provides legal information to people and organizations. 
  • Works in a network with other organizations and the  Trabalhadorxs do Sexo Movement in Portugal, such as RTS, MTS, ESWA  and NSWP.

All this work is done thanks to public funding, which does not cover the entire spectrum of our work, and other donations that allow us to support the struggle of these professionals for the recognition of their activity and the end of the stigma that makes them more vulnerable. 

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