Social Solidarity Economy: Training of Trainers

Social Solidarity Economy: Training of Trainers

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As part of the European project SSE VET 2, co-funded by the European Commission, a meeting with people interested in Social Solidarity Economy was held at Escola de Comércio do Porto to talk about the training of trainers that will be promote in 2020.

After a first event to disseminate the project and its first deliverable, this moment aimed to bring together people interested in the training of trainers, co-create the contents of it and listening and reflecting together with those interested. We intend that the training could be as participatory and inclusive as possible.

In this meeting, we used the Oasis methodology, which provides seven steps for the accomplishment of collective dreams by recognizing the beauties, resources and talents of communities and groups. These dreams can be collaborative projects, namely in the solidarity economy field. The session was hosted by Inês Fernandes, who has experience with the Oásis methodology since 2014, when she created the Guerreiros Sem Armas project, which is a training in leadership for young entrepreneurs. In Brazil, she worked in several NGOs and co-founded the Acupuntura Urbana, a social business of community empowerment. She has a postgraduate degree in Cooperation Pedagogy.

We thank to Inês Fernandes for the promotion of the session and availability, to A3S – informal partner – for their collaboration in this process and to Escola de Comércio do Porto for kindly allowing us to use their space.

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