Did you know that you can donate a fine to APDES?

1. What is this donation about?
This donation is not related to fines, but to interim suspension proceedings, where compliance with a tax proposed by the court is required, which implies a monetary contribution (in crimes considered less relevant).

2. In what situations can a social institution be supported?
In cases with provisional suspension and if the legal conditions are fulfilled with the agreement of the parties, the defendant can be imposed the following rule of conduct: “Delivering to the State or private institutions of social solidarity a certain amount or provide service of public interest”.

There are two situations, in which APDES can benefit from funds, in this context:

• According to rule 51, paragraph 1, point C of the Criminal Code or under article 281 *, paragraph 2, point C of the Penal Code, when the judge decides to suspend execution of the sentence, the accused may donate an amount to a social institution or to the state (treated by the Superior Council of the Judiciary);
• According to article 281 *, paragraph 2, point C of the Criminal Code, donation is the condition that the defendant must comply with if he wishes to suspend the process. This is a proposal from the Public Prosecutor’s Office to be approved by the respective Judge (treated by the Superior Council of the Public Prosecutor’s Office).

Note: If any of these occur, please inform the court of your choice.These donations may be suggested by the defendants or by the Judge.

For further information, ask the court or contact us at 227 531 106/7, go to Alameda Jean Piaget nº 100, 4411-801 Arcozelo – V. N. Gaia or send an email to info@apdes.pt.

If you are a Company and want to know ways to support APDES projects, please contact us at joana.brandao@apdes.pt.

We will respond as soon as possible ..

Download the MB WAY app, associate a valid payment card and make a donation to the number 967 304 029, with proper security.

A fast, secure, free and simple way to donate.

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