The Hepatitis C Initiative Project, coordinated by the De Regenboog Groep and funded by the UE Drug Prevention and Information
The “First International Conference on Drugs Policies in the Portuguese-Speaking African Countries (PALOP)” was promoted by APDES, in cooperation with
Since November 2008, APDES is an active participant member of the executive board of the Observatório dos Direitos Humanos. The
APDES is a network partner of IDPC (International Drug Policy Consortium), which is composed of an integrated worldwide network of
APDES – more specifically, GIRUGaia – is one of the founding members of the R3 – “Riscos Reduzidos em Rede”
The RTS is formed by the majority of the Portuguese civil society organisations that work directly with sex workers, by
The European Drug Policy Initiative (EDPI) is a project by the Hungarian NGO Civil Liberties Union (HCLU), developed in cooperation with
At the end of 2010, APDES won a seat in the National Civil Society Forum (FNSC), which is an advisory
Since 2005, APDES is part of the CLAT network – Latin Conferences about Harm Reduction – which is composed of
October 2011, APDES concluded a memorandum of understanding with the Observatory on Trafficking in Human Beings, thus becoming one of
YouthRISE is an international network led by youngsters and aimed at the promotion of scientifically proven drug policies and harm
APDES was invited to be part of the 2011/2012 cycle of the Civil Society Forum on Drugs (European Commission), in