Empowerment project for communitarian work in the slums of Capalanca

Empowerment project for communitarian work in the slums of Capalanca

  • Duration: 2008 - 2015
  • Contact: info@apdes.pt

APDES was invited by UniPiaget (Angola) to develop a communitarian intervention plan in the Capalanca neighbourhood (municipality of Viana, Luanda) and a field team was designated to assess the needs and institutional networking.

A training course on “Communitarian Intervention” for students and teachers of the UniPiaget in Angola was carried out, with a total of 247 people present. This event resulted in the creation of the “Empowerment Project for Communitarian Work in the Slums of Capalanca”, which main goals are:

  • To reconnect the university with communitarian organisations, local authorities and vulnerable populations, through a method of research-action for the local development. Another goal is the vocational training and involvement for communitarian intervention, alongside chairpersons, teachers and students from the University.
  • To increase the social responses in healthcare and socio-economic development domains for the vulnerable populations, through the development of the University and other communitarian organisations’ response to the identified challenges at their internal structure, sustainability and services levels; to promote the dialogue and social conciliation between local authorities and non-state participants, for the sake of the communitarian development of Viana, through the promotion of public participation of vulnerable populations.

These initiatives resulted in the project “Escola da Palankinha”, for the promotion of the Universality of Access to Education.