Hepatitis C Iniciative Project

Hepatitis C Iniciative Project

  • Since: 2008
  • Contact: info@apdes.pt

The Hepatitis C Initiative Project, coordinated by the De Regenboog Groep and funded by the UE Drug Prevention and Information Programme, brings together more than 30 organisations (network, peer associations, NGOs, universities) and its main goals are: to increase the knowledge of Hepatitis C, improve the competences of the representatives and professionals of the target-groups and influence the policies regarding HCV, at national and European levels.

APDES coordinates the Policy and Advocacy Group, with the goal of influencing the political debate and develop an European Platform “Hepatitis C and Drug Use”, with the participation of key-actors, including politicians, researchers, workers and communities affected by this issue.




Report “Hepatitis C and Drug Use”

Manifesto “Hepatitis C and Drug Use”