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APDES is a member of the European Network “InDoors – Empowerment and Skill Building Tools for National and Migrant Female Sex Workers Working in Hidden Places”, co-funded by the DAPHNE III project.

The main goal of the project is to create a safer environment for female sex workers who carry out their activity in secluded places, through the promotion of their empowerment. The main beneficiaries are female sex workers – national or migrant – who work indoors (apartments, clubs, massage parlours, brothels, saunas, sex shops, etc.).

This network (currently in its 3rd edition) is composed of 9 organisations from different European countries – APDES (Portugal), Autres Regards (France), Comitato per I Diritti Civili delle Prostitute (Italy), Health and Social Development Foundation (Bulgaria), Hetaira (Spain), Lëfo (Austria), Pro-Tukipiste (Finland), Ragazza (Germany) and TAMPEP (The Netherlands).

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Manual “Advocating for the Rights of Sex Workers”

Manual “Capacity Building & Awareness Raising”

Manual “Empowerment through Rights Awareness”

Manual “Flexible Use of I.T.”

Manual “InDoors”

Manual “Peer Education in Sex Work”

Final Report

Report “Outreach in Indoor Sex Work Settings”

Flyer Indoors

Flyer Safer Work (PT); (EN); (FR); (ES); (BG); (PO)

Considerations for the Empowerment of Sex Workers