Não Vale TB

Não Vale TB

  • Desde: 2021
  • Contacto: naovaletb@apdes.pt

The Project Não Vale TB is a proximity team that intervenes in the subregion of  Vale do Sousa and Baixo Tâmega, in the municipalities of Penafiel and Marco de Canaveses, seeking to contribute to the prevention, control and diagnosis of tuberculosis, as well as to the promotion of literacy and treatment adhering. The project is aimed at people in vulnerable situations – among which are alcohol and drug users, sex workers, homeless people, migrants and the unemployed. Through a network  with the various entities of the community, it is intended to provide an adequate and individualized response to the needs of these populations, always focusing on a posture of trust and respect.

To complement this project, we also have a podcast in partnership with Rádio Clube de Penafiel, and with funding from DGS. An informative podcast on tuberculosis, with professionals in the area, which takes place on Thursdays, at 10:45 a.m. and 17:45 p.m.

You can listen to this podcast (only available in Portuguese), through the link: http://www.radioclube-penafiel.pt/?it=podcast








Informative flyer on Tuberculosis (NVTB) PT version


Podcast Não Vale TB (in Portuguese):

Não Vale TB 9th September 2021 “Presentation of the NVTB project”


Não Vale TB 16th September 2021 “History of TB in Portugal (stigma and constraints); TB in the area of Vale do Sousa”


Não Vale TB 23rd September 2021 “Screening and Diagnosis”


Não Vale TB 30th September  2021 “Vulnerable Populations and Care Network”


Não Vale TB 7th October 2021 “TB and Covid”


Não Vale TB 14th October 2021 “Community Health”


Não Vale TB 21st October 2021 “TB and Labour Activities”


Não Vale TB 28th October 2021 “TB and Consumption (alcohol and psychoactive substances)”


Não Vale TB 4th November 2021 “Treatment (correlation with other treatments, methadone, retroviral, etc.)”


Não Vale TB 11th November 2021 “NVTB – APDES – RRMD”


Não Vale TB 18th November 2021 “Prevention (prophylactic treatment, proximity contact, emphasis on children under 5)”


Não Vale TB 25th November 2021 “TB and Silicosis”


Não Vale TB 9th December 2021 “Healthcare professional responsible for treatment”


Não Vale TB 16th December 2021 “Family/user environment + NVTB outreach team”


Não Vale TB 23rd December 2021 “Multi-resistant TB”


Não Vale TB 30th December 2021 “Partner Institutions – Town Council of Marco de Canaveses”


Não Vale TB 20th January 2022 “Partner Institutions – APDES”


Não Vale TB 27th January 2022 “Partner Institutions – Parish Council of Bem Viver”


Não Vale TB 10th February 2022 “Partner Institutions – Parish Council of Alpendorada, Várzea e Torrão”


Não Vale TB 17th February 2022 “Informal Intervention Models – Advocacy”