• Duration: 2010 - 2013
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NEWIP (Nightlife Empowerment and Implementation Project) was an initiative of several European civil societies NGOs, in order to meet the new challenges in the fields of harm reduction (HR) and health promotion in recreational contexts. With the purpose of developing innovating responses adapted to youth cultures, promoting the communities’ empowerment and increase the celerity and quality of the interventions regarding new trends and new substances, NEWIP has developed a set of innovative practices in this field of work. Among several projects, an international team was assembled and trained to intervene in large festivals and a database that compiles the data from all the European drug checking projects was created; this way, the access to real-time knowledge of market trends in Europe is available. This project also contributed to the development of a network that supports the creation of HR measures and monitors their implementation in European discos and clubs.

This initiative’s goal was not only to improve the quality of the interventions at the countries where these already exist, but also to promote the training of new HR teams at recreational contexts, in countries where this type of responses don’t exist.

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