Proteger+ Network

Proteger+ Network

  • Since: 2015
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The PROTEGER+ is a network of childcare professionals and it was established in March 2015, in the ambit of APDES’s “Tudo aos Direitos” project; the network currently comprehends 5 foster care institutions in Vila Nova de Gaia.

The main goal of the network is the promotion of synergies and better working practices in the children and youngsters foster care area. It also aims to:

– empower the technical staff and caregivers who work with children/youngsters.;

– promote institutional changes to improve working practices;

– design intervention tools for children and youngsters at risk;

– share resources between institutions.

The Network also aims to involve other entities, in order to develop empowerment activities that deal with childcare-related issues.

Together, We Protect More.