RedPES – Portuguese Network of Solidarity Economy

RedPES – Portuguese Network of Solidarity Economy

  • Since: 2015
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APDES is a founding member of the Portuguese Network of Solidarity Economy, which comprehends organisations, informal groups and individuals who identify themselves with the concept and practices of Solidarity Economy. This network aims to promote and explore the potential of this alternative way to think about Economy: to combine production, trade, consumption, income generation, savings and investment with the principles of Solidarity, Ecology, Cultural Diversity, Critical Thinking, Participatory Democracy and Local Development.

RedPES was established in a crucial moment: several crisis (economic, social, environmental, political and civilizational) are leading to suffering and indignity, thus emphasising the frailty and gaps of the dominant economic and political models.

Please read the RedPES Manifesto.

APDES is actively participating in the communication and ethical/solidarity finance domains of this network. In 2016-2017, APDES will act as the Chair of RedPES’s General Assembly Meeting Board.