• Duration: 2015-2017
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The SAFE!N Cais is a project funded by Lisbon’s City Hall, in the ambit of the BIPZIP program. The project is promoted by APDES, in partnership with the European network Party+, the Associação de Comerciantes do Cais do Sodré and the LXNights research group (Lisbon’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities). Following the example of other European cities like Brussels, Barcelona and Paris, the project aims to promote the “well-being” of the community through the implementation of the ‘Safe Night’ certification at the Cais do Sodré and its surroundings.


The goals of the project are:

– training and capacity building of workers and nightclubs’ owners and promotion of the clients’ health and safety conditions;

– prevention and reduction of risk behaviours associated with party scenes, the use of psychoactive substances, sexuality and interpersonal violence;

– local community’s empowerment, in order to discuss and solve common problems, associated with nightlife contexts and consequent occupation of public spaces.


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