Work in Progress

Work in Progress

  • Desde: 2019
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The project “Work in Progress” – promote the successful social and professional pathways in youngsters in process of autonomy – of the APDES Health Intervention Office (GIS) is funded by Eea Grants and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, under the Active Citizens Programme.

The main goal is to promote successful social and professional pathways for young people from alternative care institutions, working their life autonomy process and, consequently, social inclusion. This project is being developed in Oporto region during two years and a half.

The project is coordinated by APDES and has 4 partners: Oslo Metropolitan University (Norway), GAIURB – Urbanismo e Habitação, EM (Escola Oficina), Escola das Virtudes – Cooperativa de Ensino Polivalente e Artístico, C.R.L. and Young Experts – Informal group of youngsters in process of autonomy.

The main goals are:
– To capacitate NGOs that work with younger care leavers for the adoption of participatory processes and democratic management;
– To promote younger people’s integration in the labour market and their autonomy and
– To support the promoting entity as to their organisational improvement.

The main activities of the project will be:
– Capacitation of informal groups, one composed by ex-sheltered youngsters from foster care institutions and another from professionals/caregivers that work in foster care institutions, to promote participatory and democratic management processes and to implement an action plan adapted to specific needs of each organization;
– Training and coaching sessions with youngsters in process of autonomy and youngsters NEET – for the promotion of life and career management
– Creation of an App and Youtube Channel to support young people in process of autonomy


– Young people in process of autonomy
– NEET Youngsters
– Professionals/caregivers that work in foster care institutions



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