Privacy and Security Policy

Thank you for your interest in APDES’s work


This privacy and security policy explains how the personal, payment and other information communicated through our website is collected, protected and managed by Piaget Development Agency, also referred herein as APDES. Respecting and protecting your privacy and your data is a concern for us.

This privacy, security and “terms of use” policy describes the limitations related to your use of the information, images and technology provided by our website. These are legal aspects of concern to us. Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions.



  1. What is this website’s objective?

We maintain this website in order to provide information about APDES and to offer you the opportunity to support our projects and our areas of intervention: health, risk reduction and human rights; health education; social cohesion and labor, and cooperation and development. On our website, you can easily access specific information on our activity, and you can also make a donation to APDES.



  1. Where, and why, does APDES collect information through the website?

We do not ask you for any personal information if you just visit our website. However, in order to take better advantage of some of our services, we ask for some personal information, in particular on the existing forms. Also, in order to help us learn and improve our content and services, some data is collected anonymously and aggregated – for example, the number of visitors to certain pages. Some personal information such as name, address and taxpayer number and bank details are collected when you sign up as a regular donor or simply want to make a punctual donation.

Data on bank accounts or cash amounts are collected in order to process the registration of a regular donor, or when you make a punctual donation. It will be your decision to keep the payment data for an extended period.


  1. Does APDES use Cookies?

The use of cookies is common practice in most websites in order to save time for the user as well as to facilitate navigation. A “cookie” is a piece of information / data that is stored on your computer’s hard drive. APDES may use cookies in order to provide better content and services, or more personalized, to visitors to your website. For example, we may use information to analyze what areas of our website you visit, and how often.

You can check in your computer or software manual how cookies work on your computer. You can block cookies from loading on your computer. However, blocking cookies can affect the performance of websites.


  1. Does APDES share the information collected on the website with third parties?

The personal data collected is not distributed, shared or rented / sold to third parties. We remind you that, in compliance with the provisions of Law No. 67/98 on Data Protection, your data will be incorporated in an automatic file owned by APDES. You have the right to access your personal data and request its rectification or elimination by contacting APDES, at Alameda Jean Piaget nº 100, 4411-801 Arcozelo – VN Gaia or by email .

Aggregate, statistical and other non-personal information, such as the number of visitors to our website, and your use of certain features or services, may be shared with third parties who work with us – for example to promote our website.


  1. Does APDES use the addresses collected on the website to send additional information through e-mails, mails or other means?

APDES only sends communication or information by mail, email or other means, with permission and, especially to donors, as a way to better follow our work. We suggest that you choose to receive this regular information, if you give us donations and support us otherwise, because it will be a way of being able to follow our work closely.

On our website you can subscribe and unsubscribe to the e-newsletter at any time and also sign up as an APDES donor.


  1. How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter or from donations?

You can, at any time, cancel the subscription to the newsletter, or the registration as a donor, and cancel donations or personal data. You can contact us by writing an email to the electronic address or in written form to Alameda Jean Piaget nº 100, 4411-801 Arcozelo – VN Gaia.


  1. How can I access or correct my information?

If you want to access or correct information, change your data, preferences, payment methods or the amount of your donation, contact us at or in written form to Alameda Jean Piaget nº 100, 4411-801 Arcozelo – VN Gaia.


  1. What rules apply if you click on another website?

APDES may choose to have a link to a third party website in order to provide a particular service or more detailed information on a specific topic. However, our Privacy and Security policy no longer applies when you leave our website. We are not able to control the information collected about you, from external websites with a link to us, or the use of this information. For the guidelines policies of these third-party websites, please refer to their respective privacy and security statements.



  1. How does the APDES website provide security and protect confidential information?

APDES assures the complete confidentiality of all your personal information.



  1. Can APDES change or discontinue any service or content provided on their website?

APDES maintains the right to change or discontinue any content, aspect, characteristic, that proves of little interest. If a decision is made to discontinue a more permanent way of supporting APDES, all registered visitors with a valid and functional email address will be notified.


  1. Is there any limitation on how you can use the website including text, images and features?

When you use our website, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this policy. These terms were developed for your protection, as well as ours.

Much of the content, features and technology have been provided to us on condition that your copyright is respected. Other material and technology are owned by APDES.

Copying or use of texts, photographs, graphic elements, features or technologies for use and personal financial gain, for commercial purposes or any other inappropriate or illegal activity will not be accepted. This includes use of materials or technologies for private interests or activities that may cause harm to APDES or that is not related to our work and activity. Photos and graphic images from galleries and photo albums are not excluded from these terms and conditions of use.

The APDES name and logo are protected by law and its use is not permitted without our explicit and written approval.


  1. Does APDES have responsibility for links and its contents?

Our website may provide links to other websites. As we have no control over these websites, we can not be held responsible for their availability – neither content, advertising, products and services or any other materials included therein. As well as we can not be held responsible for any damages or losses caused, or related, by such content, products or services available on websites externally linked to ours.


  1. Participation in Forums, Chats and Groups

APDES is not responsible for the opinions included in forums, chats or groups online. The opinions and messages published in these spaces are the sole responsibility of their authors, and not our website.

APDES reserves the right to delete or remove any messages that it may find incorrect or inappropriate.

Above all, APDES defends ethics in its conduct.



  1. Can there be changes in APDES policies?

At any time, we may add features or services to our website or we may decide to discontinue sections or services. This may involve collecting different types of information and / or changing the use of information. Hence some of our privacy, security and terms of use guidelines may change. The policies defined here may also be adjusted as a consequence of legal aspects or new needs.
These adaptations or changes will always be communicated in this section of the website.


  1. Contact

For any question or comment regarding these aspects, or others, on our website, you may contact:

Alameda Jean Piaget nº 100
Apartado 1523
4411-801 Arcozelo – V. N. Gaia
Vila Nova de Gaia

Cellphone: +351 227 531 106/7
Mobile.: +351 912 443 655/9
Fax: +351 227 533 046