RECI is an Education and Community Intervention Research Unit, established in January 2014 as a result of a protocol between
  The Action-Research Group for Alcohol Risks – GIRA – began in 2015, as a result of the outreach work
GIIG has developed a research study entitled “Optimisation of the public policies to support entrepreneurship and social inclusion: studying the
The action-research project InPAR is aimed at the social/professional (re)integration of drug users involved in Harm Reduction Programs, through the
  The research “Gestão de Vida vs. Gestão de Carreira: estudo dos factores implicados no processo de decisão perante propostas
  The Model for Decriminalisation of illicit drugs is in force since 2001 and it is internationally recognised as one
This research project offers a contribution to the understanding and characterisation of the Opioid Substitution Programs in Portugal. It is
  The EuroHRN was founded in 2010 by ten organisations with common interests regarding Harm Reduction advocacy in Europe. Since
Clepsidra was an action-research project aimed at the local development of Canelas, Vila Nova de Gaia. Several communitarian events including
  NEWIP (Nightlife Empowerment and Implementation Project) was an initiative of several European civil societies NGOs, in order to meet
The main goals of Local Pass are to reduce the use and harmful effects of “New Psychoactive Substances” (NPS) and
The project aims to develop and evaluate innovative pilot interventions in the ambit of New Psychoactive Substances use. In addition
APDES is responsible for the external evaluation of the ACP@ICT project – Through Innovative Contributions – promoted by the Instituto