Work Principles

Our goal is to cognise/apprehend/comprehend the phenomena we work with as the base mechanism for a scientifically supported intervention. We privilege a matrix of research-action, based, on the one hand, in the comprehension and critical reflection on social reality and on the other hand, in the intervention in the processes of change.
Our goal is to empower and give voice to the population, by promoting social mobility for a more participative and critical democracy. Our goal is to have some influence in citizenship and territorial development political agendas, in a permanent dialogue with civil society.
Participative methodologies
We promote the recognition and involvement (as well as co-acceptance of responsibility) of all the participants in the processes of development.
We systematically evaluate our intervention in terms of performance and impact and we are always looking to optimise our work.
Outreach intervention
We adopt interventions that actively involve the population and the territories, by positively acting in people’s lives.
Interdisciplinary approach
We believe that, the broader and diverse the analysis perspectives are, the better the phenomena are understood. We integrate workers from several fields of knowledge that are distinct and complement each other: Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology, Nursing, Biology, Economics and Management.